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It's like parallel-flickr but for Instagram.

parallel-ogram is a simple web application to create an archive of your Instragram photos (and likes) and to make that archive a living, breathing website of its own. It is not a replacement for Instagram but a shadow copy running in... parallel.

You can filter you photos by well, Instagram filters and your likes by filter as well as photographer.

You can archive photos for other Instagram users or just yourself. That's your business.

parallel-ogram uses the Instagram API as a single-sign-on (SSO) provider so you simply log in via the Instagram website itself.


parallel-ogram is not hard to set up but there is still no one-button install yet.

In the meantime, setting up parallel-ogram is not very complicated if you've ever set up a plain-vanilla website that uses PHP and MySQL.

The Instagram API does not currently expose any consistent indication of whether a person's photos are public or not-public.

In the absence of that information parallel-ogram treats everything as private, meaning you're the only person who can see your photos. The exception to this rule is that you can see other people's photos that you've liked and vice versa

At some point in the near-future I would like to add the ability to mark photos in parallel-ogram as public or private, independent of any Instagram settings, but that's not possible right now.

parallel-ogram does nothing about geo.

Location information for every photo is recorded in the database but currently it is not used for anything.

There are no mobile stylesheets yet.

There will be.

Also, here's a blog post about parallel-ogram.

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